Why Mondeau?

The Mondeau advantages.

Mondeau is proud to
be Canadian-owned.

We have three locations
to serve you better.

We have access to thousands of products
for all styles and all budgets.

Our warranty policy of the best price
allows you to shop with peace of mind.

Free Delivery
Within Ottawa, Gatineau
and surrounding areas.

Mondeau's After Sales department
offers you help
in the odd chance you might need it.

Expert showroom non-commission
will help you through selection process.

We have a combined
160,000 sq.ft.
of warehouse.

Did you know?

The Big Deception

Save yourself time, energy, and money by
making sure you are aware of what big box
and online stores aren’t telling you.


Cheap imitations are real!

Big box and online stores need to sell in mass quantities so they manufacture products that imitate the real ones. Imitation products will look and appear the same as what you see in our stores, however, they are nothing close to the real deal. We call these “knock offs” and they are far too common in our industry.

Pay now, or pay later.

A bargain price, for the exact same or similar product, is usually the first dead giveaway of a sure found knock off. A cheap product is made to imitate the real product in appearance, but not in quality. Low-quality materials, sub-par parts, and a lack of clear instructions and manufacturer’s details will prove to be a poorly made substitute that may even break nor fit as described upon installation.

What if it breaks .. Can I get some help?

If you go for the bargain price now to save some coin upfront, how much will it cost you when your cheap fixture breaks? Bargain made products do not come with warranties because they are intentionally built for convenience, not for durability.

Let’s say you purchased a handsome looking faucet, but now you need parts to fix it, or help to install it. What about those valves that didn’t come with it? Where do you get them, and who can you ask for help? Where is the customer service? Stores that do not specialize in the manufacturing process of their products do not employ professionals in their trade and cannot offer you service when you need it most.