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Yes, buy now and pay later! Mondeau is pleased to offer payment options on purchases made through Accord D Desjardins, directly in our showrooms.

It only takes a few minutes.

Your purchase is well within reach with equal monthly payments which are available with or without credit charges.

Apply today and enjoy no interest for 3 months with a minimum purchase of $199, and 36 months of equal payments. Or with a minimum purchase of $2,500 you could have 60 equal payments for 60 months.

Ask your sales consultant for details including any applicable interest charges.

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Of course, you will want a toilet with the best flush performance. Finding out its MaP score will help you make this decision. MaP is a Maximum Performance scale which rates the total efficiency and performance of a toilet, in addition to providing detailed information on its characteristics. Through a SEARCH function, you will find current and independently verified information for specific toilet brands and models. The MaP Scoring Guide will indicate the level of recommendation based on its score results. For example, toilets with scores above 600 have the best flushing performance and are indicated as Highly Recommended on the scoring guide. One that scores 150 is rated as Not Recommended.

To search for MaP testing scores on specific toilet brands and models, click here.

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Just rinse the faucet clean with clear water, and dry the faucet with a soft cotton cloth.

An actuator button is located on the side of the toilet tank or in the centre of the tank cover. The lever or button is depressed to activate the flushing cycle.

To ensure a waterproof connection it’s recommended you use the putty.

The Taiga collection

Yes, there are high performance toilets that actually outperform many of the old water guzzlers. Some use just 1.6 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

In most cases, the finish is safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and make sure the drain cleaner isn’t left on the finish for longer than 30 minutes.

Nothing is wrong with your faucet. The showerhead is just emptying its reservoir of water.

A pressure-balancing tub and shower faucet balances incoming hot and cold-water pressure to compensate for fluctuations in water flow. Balancing the water flow keeps shower temperatures constant and comfortable, within ±1°C of the original temperature, despite other demands such as flushing the toilet or starting the dishwasher.

A pop-up drain assembly is commonly used in bathroom sinks. A mechanical plug called a "pop-up stopper" is used to hold water in the sink.

A vertical spa is a unique, customizable showering system. It uses a combination of body sprays, showerheads, and hand showers to create your own luxurious showering experience.

In most cases, yes. But if you're changing finishes, (e.g., from chrome to brass), you'll probably want to change the drain assembly to match your new faucet finish.

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